AIisen Chacin


Aisen Chacin is a Venezuelan artist born in Madrid. She comes from a family of prominent Venezuelan artists and has been immersed in the world of art since her early years. She has an innate talent that allows her to capture her strong artistic energy in large format paintings and installations.
Aisen studied architecture, graphic design and fine arts. Her art education began early in her life and in addition to many courses, self education and seminars it includes a degree in graphic design from the New England School of Art & Design of Boston - 1987.
Having mostly spent time in Venezuela she has also lived in the Middle East, Mexico, Argentina and, since 2000 in the United States, where she has consolidated her experience and exposure into her bold and unconventional artwork style.
Her canvas paintings from the early stages have evolved into conceptual art, installations, and digital images. Chacin has created powerful artwork, deeply rooted in the most avant-garde, and sometimes even provocative social language. Her art raises political, cultural, religious and ideological reflections to reveal her concerns on the chaotic and unsystematic order of our contemporary society. She has a keen eye and a sensibility link to the surrounding world to capture its critical indicators and beyond limit situations. From her unique optic, Chacin has developed a variety of series, among them the “SECLUDED Drain Series”, which are metallic photo-sculptures that look like real drains. Through its interior, the viewer can see photographs of semi-naked children, innocent and horror exempt, who are totally absent of their future fate and their actual poverty. These images of street urchins or children of the Brazilian Favelas, were captured by the artist in her art and social field trips. The photographs printed on acetate paper and illuminated as light boxes, show the fragility and innocence of these young human beings, who ignore the socio-cultural destiny standing in front of them.
Among her other series there is the concern sexual child abuse. A series developed in Houston where she visited child abuse centers and captured images of dolls and toys used by therapists to treat the young victims of deep trauma. Through this subject, Chacin created high visual impact installations and photographs.
In recent years Aisen has developed and focused her work on and through photo-sculptures, digital images and installations, generating a new language that places her in the most competitive dynamics of contemporary art.
Chacin has participated in a variety of solo shows and group exhibitions, and her work is represented throughout important international collections.