Ana I. Martinez

Nine Thirty

Ana Isabel Martinez was born in Venezuela. She graduated from Business Administration and holds a Masters degree from La Sorbonne, Paris. She has been very successful in her career as a business consultant, artist and entrepreneur.
Ana I Martinez’s focuses her creativity in the use of new mediums. It is a proposal of set images with virtual movement. She works with a multi-step process that involves drawing, photography, digital imaging, acrylic painting and LED lighting to create the illusion of movement and multi-dimension in her work. Through the use of LEDs, with a creative and dynamically chromatic palette, the artist creates an optical illusion of movement. The figures are linearly designed and synthetic, in the way of proactive drawings seem to be multiply in sequence. The spectator is faced to a world of technical effects and to a spectacle of forms and delirious and interchangeable colors. The exhibition space is transformed into an explosive perceptive field.
Martinez exercises her talent with her drawing. Her photographs are appropriations of universal photographic images or her own photographs, which are reformulated in Photoshop. The icons have been synthesized and taken to the maximum of its linear format. The result is a totally personal image, an absolutely intimate, deprived and unitary drawing. Martinez establishes her work on mixed mediums and with techniques that creates a hybrid, totally original body of work.