Liliam Dominguez

Puzzle Flag
Aula Magna
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Liliam Dominguez (1976) studied in the San Alejandro Art Academy in her native Havana City, Cuba. During the first year of higher studies at Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), she immigrated to the US and continued studying and working in different art media. Liliam holds a MFA in Photography and Digital Imaging from the University of Miami. Her work has been included in shows at various galleries around the world, including Havana and Miami, and is included in collections such as the Bass Museum in Miami Beach, Florida, as well as several private collections. Her current work in Photography consists of a series that observes the excess of information in large cities, which generates mental and spiritual dispersion. These works set out to redraw the urban and interior landscape, to anaesthetize the original meaning of images and construct new ones, to transform reality by metamorphosing its content into a juxtaposed correlation of fixed events. This process thus generates new images, which like a hieroglyph, deciphers an unsettling new poetic environment. Her photography ranges form the most traditional portraiture genre to the most experimental and revolutionary digital media.