Meg Pukel

Beauty is in teh Eye of tue Beholder
C'era una Deviazioner
Dormiva via

 Originally from Miami, Florida, Meg Pukel launched her career in photography at Syracuse University.  In 1999, she earned a B.F.A. in Fine Art Photography, graduating with honors.  During her tenure at Syracuse, desire and passion directed Meg to further her studies in Florence, Italy.  Provoked and challenged, Meg thrived in this inspiring medium.  As a result, she was awarded the Anthony J. Wirpsa Scholarship in her final year for outstanding academic work in the visual arts.   
Returning to Miami, Florida, Meg combined skill with tenacity to forge her talent as a fine art photographer. Working for numerous agencies, she seasoned her skills with assignments at Ocean Drive Magazine, City Link, Ego Trip, Entertainment News & Views, and the Coconut Grover.  Now she has acquired many loyal clients including Miami Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art,  Terra Developers, Louie Vega (grammy producer), Miami Dade Justice Association just to name a few.   Quickly establishing her style and technique, Meg was immediately recognized for her brilliance and intensity. Through her photography, Meg impacts the world with her vision transforming real life into intimate innovative art. Her portfolio represents fashion, lifestyle, music, events, and wedding photography along with her fine art photographs. 
 Meg is passionate about her photography!  Her work visually impacts the viewer with the complexities of existence in today’s society and has been displayed at numerous galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and alternative spaces. Brashness and reality lends her work greater dimension and diversity.  Remaining loyal to her vision, Meg’s images create a unique perspective of the nude female body; first by photographing the nude form, then projecting the figure at night onto a particular landscape. Each piece represents a “truth” and immediately takes possession of the viewer’s thoughts.  This process is completed using a generator as the light source and a slide projector to cast the image. Through these dynamics, the artist explores the relationship between the projected female self and the singular landscape to provoke new dimensions. 
Meg’s influences are varied. She has experienced life on both coasts, originating from Miami, Florida then spending time in South Lake Tahoe, California and Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania. Travels to Europe add to her colorful history.  Embedded with challenge and change, these environments have served to shape her opinions and truths. Wrapped with attitude and candor, her work remains contemporary and contemplative.