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Collaborating together since 1995, graduates in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, specialty films and fotografía.Licenciados in restoration of works of art from the University of Fine Arts in Seville.
To study in Seville share different disciplines within the area of artistic creation.

The tandem Romero-Rovira, seeks the overthrow iconographic, on its way to recovery imaginera crafts, as a tool for contemporary creation.
They focus on the composition of still life paintings, still lifes of verbose, but contemporéneo revision of truffles and a lush sensibility and Kitsh-camp even if we understand the term 'key' performig culture "as defined Susan Sontang.
From his workshop, defended a new attitude, as opposed to the classic and typical operating systems, which some are determined to sustain.
Romero-Rovira defend a charge other than artificially created, an anti canon, deferred contracultural hybrid, but that is sinking
raicesde in history, recovering, reclaiming the memory at a time in which memory is constructed to the taste of consumers, as well as in a postmodern far exceeded the post.
Reinterpreting classical and historical movements since the late sixties, and the neo-rococo, amanerado, graceful queer hedonistic flag that David LaChapelle in his photographic compositions .- (IVAN DE LA TORRE, critic and historian)