Sheila Elias

Courage of an angel
Courage I
Courage II

2008   Laredo Center for The Arts “Retrospective” – Laredo, TX
    The Multicultural Arts Center “Retrospective”– Cambridge, MA
2007   Farmani Gallery, “Somewhere-Anywhere,” Los Angeles, CA
2005-2006                          Chelsea Galleria, “Elements,” (Wynwood) Miami, FL
2004   Wine Bar Gallery, “Implosion,” Miami, FL, curated by Anthony Japour
2003   Laundry Bar, “Washworks,” Miami Beach, FL
    Axis Solutions Art Gallery, Coral Gables, FL
1999   Veneto Gallery, Miami, FL
1998-97        “Secret Gardens,” Traveling Exhibition; Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, FL; Public Art Program, City of Orlando, FL; Edison College, Ft. Meyers, FL; Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL  
    New England Museum of Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, CT.
1997   Jeanine Cox Gallery, Miami, FL
1996   Barnard Biderman & Worth Gallery, New York, NY
1995   Soho West Gallery, Hollywood, CA
1994   Metro Dade Cultural Resource Center, Miami, FL
 Myths & Offerings, Capital Bank, Miami, FL
1993   New England Center for Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, CT
1990           Ratner Gallery, Chicago, IL
1989-87 Paula Allan Gallery, New York
1988         Anne Jaffe, Bay Harbour, FL
1987 New York University, New York
1987-84 Alex Rosenberg Gallery, New York
1986           Danville Museum of Fine Arts, Danville, VA
           University of North Carolina, “American Icons,” Chapel Hill, NC
1986 -82   Stella Polaris Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  San Jose Museum, San Jose, CA
1985 Gloria Luria Gallery, Bay Harbor Islands, FL

2008   The Edge! Sheila Elias Studio – Miami, FL
    The Edge! Armory Art Center – West Palm Beach, FL
    Art Dimension – Los Angeles, CA
    International Exhibition “The Art of Digital,” Juror: Neal Benezra, San Diego, CA
2007   Boca Grande National Exhibition, Juror: Everett Raymond Kinstler, Boca Grande, FL
  Maryland Federation of Art, “Art on Paper,” Juror: Helen C. Fredrick, Annapolis, MD
  Visual Arts Center, “21st International Juried Show,” Juror: Laura Hoptman. Summit, NJ
2006 Chelsea Galleria, “20/20,” Miami, FL
                                          Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences, “Works of Art on Paper,”
  Juror: Carter E. Foster. Loveladies, New Jersey
  Rosenthal Fine Arts, Chicago, Illinois
  Bass Museum, “I Wanna Be Loved by You: Photographs of Marilyn Monroe,”
                                          Miami Beach, FL
  Masur Museum, “33rd Annual Juried Competition,” Juror: Henry Finkelstein, Monroe, LA
2005 Chelsea Galleria, “Implosion,” Palm Beach3 Photography, West Palm Beach, FL
  Northern Trust Bank, “Stage 6,” Miami, FL
   Lancaster County Art Association Juried Exhibition, Strasburg, PA
2004 OMNIART, “Sonic Silence,” Miami, FL, curated by Tina Spiro
  O'Melveny Gallery, “In America Now,” Juror: Peter Frank, West Hollywood, CA
  Marina Kessler Gallery - Scope New York Art Fair, New York, NY
  AJ Japour Gallery, “Art With A View 5: The American Dream,” Miami Beach, FL
The Yard at CasaLin, “Laundry On Line,” Miami, FL
2003 Boca Raton Museum of Art, 52nd Annual Juried Exhibition, FL (Curator's Choice)
  Norton Museum of Art, “Artists’ Greetings: A Holiday Project,” West Palm Beach, FL
  AJ Japour Gallery, 21st Cent. Digital Art Exhibition, Miami Beach, FL
  Barrett Art Center “New Directions ’03,” juror Tomelo Mosaka, Poughkeepsie, NY
2002 Bass Museum, Miami Beach, FL
  Michelle Rosenfeld Gallery, “Six Eyes, Three Views,” New York, New York
  Silvana Facchini Gallery, Miami, FL
  Kracer Art Gallery, “Works on Paper,” North Miami, FL
  Smithtown Township Arts Council, 27th Annual Juried Fine Art Exhibition, St. James, NY
  Jewish Museum of Florida, “Decorated Masks,” Miami Beach, FL
  The Sagamore Collection, Miami Beach, FL
2001 Armory Art Center, “October International Show 2001,” Juror: Peter Frank,
  West Palm Beach, FL
  Art Center/South Florida, “Reconnect”, Miami Beach, FL
  Hagit Contemporary Art Gallery , “Local 101,” Miami, FL
  Kim Foster Gallery, “Black and White,” New York, NY
  Silvana Facchini Gallery, “Living in Miami,” Miami, FL.
   Maryland Federation of Art, “Art on Paper 2001,” Juror: David C. Levy, Annapolis, MD
  Norton Museum of Art, “Hard Boiled: Artists and Eggs,” Palm Beach, FL
1999 H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Boundless-Expressions, First Annual Juried Exhibition
  Margulies Taplin Gallery, Bay Harbour, FL
1998 Boca Raton Museum of Art, Annual Juried Exhibition, FL
  Bristol Art Museum, National Juried Exhibition, Bristol, RI
  Staten Island Biennial Juried Art Exhibition, Institute of Arts & Sciences
  Palm Springs Desert Museum, 29th Annual, CA
 Savannah College of Art and Design, 19th Annual, GA
 Boca Raton Museum of Art, 47th Annual, FL
  Cambridge Art Association, National Prize Show, MA
1995   37th HORTT Competition, Museum of Art - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
   (Honorable Mention Award)    
   Global Art, New England Center for Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, CT   Nevada Institute for Contemporary Art, Las Vegas, NV 
1994   Survey 1994, Huntsville Museum of Art, Alabama
1993 San Diego Art Institute, 93 International, CA 
1992 Anne Jaffe Gallery, Bay Harbour, FL.
1990 Lancaster Museum, WCA Art Exhibition, CA
  Santa Monica Heritage Museum, “Prints, Prints, Prints,” CA
      Pauline Hirsh Gallery, “Venice at 6505,” Cal.
1989      Anne Jaffe Gallery, Bay Harbour, FL
1988       Otis Parsons School of Design, “Hollywood: Portrait of the Stars,” CA
               Valerie Miller Fine Arts, “Color and Abstraction,” Palm Springs, CA
1987         Louvre, Institute des Arts Decoratifs, “Liberty: The Official Exhibitions Centenary of the   Statue of Liberty ,” Louvre, Paris, France; and New York Public Library 
                 Gallery Q, Tokyo, Japan.
 Barney’s “Liberty: The Official Exhibitions Centenary of the Statue of Liberty,” New York and Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, Cal.
 Swen Parson Gallery,  “Art in Paper,” Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL
1985           California State University, “Perspectives 1985,” Northridge, CA
                   Pictogram Gallery, “Objects for New Rituals,” East Village, New York
                  Institute for Contemporary Arts, “KIS ’5 Kunsan International Show,” Korea
 Focus International, “American  Woman in Art,” Nairobi,  Kenya
   Laguna Beach Museum, “19th All Media Exhibition,” OCCA,  Laguna Beach, CA
 Janco-Dada Museum, “The Scroll Unrolls,” Ein Hod, Israel
1984 Alex Rosenberg Gallery, New York
 Stedman Art Gallery, Rutgers University, “Rutgers National ’83-84,” Camden, NJ
 Arizona State University, “Sheila Elias and Pat Forsberg,” Tempe, AZ
 American Academy of Fine Arts and Letters, New York
 Carr Gallery, “Innovators in Paper,” Houston, Texas
 California State University, “As I See Myself,” Domingus, CA
 Marilyn Butler Gallery, “Introductions: Sheila Elias and Theodore Waddell,”
 Scottsdale, Arizona
 Otis-Parsons School of Design Gallery, “California Book Works,” LA, CA
 Laguna Beach Museum of Art, “All California ’84,” Laguna  Beach, CA
 “Second National Print and Drawing Exhibition,” New York, NY; Juror: Ivan Karp
 Allport Gallery, “Recent Bay Area Prints,” San Francisco, CA
 New England Foundation for Arts, “Survey of Artists’ Books,” Rhode Island.
 State Capital, “U.S. National Fine  Arts Competition,” Tallahassee, FL
1983 Palm Springs Desert Museum, “Downtown L.A. Between the Freeways, CA
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1997   Women of Vision Award, Weitzman Institute
1992   Bronze Award, Art of California Magazine Discovery Awards
1986   Woman of the Year, 1986, presented by Tarzana Chamber of Commerce, Tarzana, CA
 Metro Art International Medal, New York, NY, Jurors: Ivan Karp, Lisa Dennison